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This site is solely for entertainment, it is not meant to be a mockery of the thousands of accidents involving animals every year.  The site owners will not be responsible for ANY actions as a result of viewing the videos contained on this site.

This site and all content contained within, including the videos, is copyrighted material and is intended for private viewing only.  NO PORTION of this site, including videos, can be reproduced, modified, published, posted or uploaded without prior written consent of the site owner.  If you need any further information I can be contacted here.  If you wish to link to the site, please link to the main index page at http://www.runbunnyrun.com.

Always drive carefully and keep a keen eye out for our furry friends, it's not their fault we built our civilization on top of theirs.

I dedicate this site to my bunny.  I'm sorry I couldn't stop in time.
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