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The Explanation

That night...

My friends and I were having a good time sitting around drinking beer one night.  Somewhere around 12am we had a sudden craving for Del Taco.  Since my friend Brandon hadn't had anything to drink yet, we decided to all hop in the car and go searching for one that was open.  Of course we grabbed the video camera as always.

It happens...

On our way to the third Del Taco (the previous ones had been closed) a bunny ran out in front of the car.  Brandon had no chance to react and unfortunately we ran it over.  Having consumed large amount of alcohol (which I don't hold very well) I had a complete emotional breakdown.  Usually when I'm drunk I end up crying over a broken margarita cup or porcelain moose.  This night it was the bunny.

I had also hit a rabbit a few months earlier.  I was towing a race-trailer out of a track late at night.  It ran right out in front of me and there was no way to stop.  The memory of that incident is what came up the night of the video.

Why the site?

The bunny video became an instant hit at parties.  I couldn't have someone over to my house without being asked to play it for them.  Not because it's funny for any animal to die (see the legal section) but because of the ridiculous reaction I had to the situation, along with my amazing 360 back to a giddy mood.  I decided to make the site so anyone could see it when they needed to be cheered up.

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I dedicate this site to my bunny.  I'm sorry I couldn't stop in time.
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